ABS Group Qffers “Bringing Workers Back Safely: A Risk Modeling Approach for COVID-19” Webinar

Many business leaders are struggling to answer questions about reopening once government officials begin to lift restrictions.  In talking with our customers, we’re hearing questions like,

  • What sites should I re-open?
  • What non-essential operations should I allow?
  • How should I restart them in a gradual, phased approach?
  • What work & common use areas should remain closed or have limited access?
  • What special considerations should I make for at-risk employees?
  • What 3rd parties should I allow on my sites?
  • What new controls do I need to put in place?


The ABS Group, a risk management company, launched the Restart Risk ModelTM to help business leaders answer these questions and develop restart plans.  I thought you might be interested in the attached Infographic of our model. 

We also hosted a webinar yesterday, which can be watched on demand at link to the webinar.

We’ve already helped business and non-profits develop restart plans and I’d be happy to give a virtual introduction into the model to you and others that may be interested.

See our COVID-19 Restart Risk Model: https://www.abs-group.com/News-and-Events/Press-Releases/New-Restart-Risk-Model-Helps-Businesses-Get-Back-to-Work-After-COVID19/


David Stalfort
Senior Director
ABS Group
739 Thimble Shoals Blvd, Suite 504
Newport News, VA 23606
571-721-8829 (direct)
703-351-3700 (main)

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