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Aronetics is developing a solution to solve the problem of all-too-frequent data breaches caused by adversaries that often go unnoticed for years.

Aronetics has a patent-pending process that will provide near real-time intrusion detection and notification keeping you 99%+ secure, autonomously.

Aronetics recognizes that the problem is the human element. A sole cause of these unnoticed breaches is that current solutions are reliant on human judgment and attention to detail, often which is fallible. Humans cannot quickly recognize or prevent an intrusion in the way that a computational device can. Further, what is needed is a system that can act autonomously without the human element.


With our solution in place, your team can focus on important business operations with the peace of mind knowing that if an intrusion were to occur, you’d be notified by your Aronetics security system within 60 seconds.


There is a significant opportunity if Aronetics is able to provide this security solution. The IT security market was valued over $6B according to a Pentagon presentation at a Dreamport conference, March 5, 2020. Zero Trust and 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) have been the purported solutions over the last two decades, but even with these tools, recognition of intrusions are found months or years later which is inadequate for business purposes. Even FBI Director James Comey noted that the OPM Data Breach jeopardized our national security for more than a generation. Aronetics is eager to provide a solution to this extensive issue.


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John Aron

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