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HR Huddle Series: Session 1

The HR Huddle Series discusses the challenges of managing the impact of COVID-19 for a small-to-medium sized business, particularly as employees begin to return to the office.


Session 1 of the Series

Join a panel of experts on Wednesday, August 26th from 2-3pm to learn about various COVID-19 challenges and solutions based on a case study from around the region.


Program Hosts

  • Dan Bell, Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative
  • Dave Richards, Concursive Corporation


Format: Live Case Study

Listen as experts discuss how a fictional global ocean freight carrier company might navigate the challenges and issues posed by operating in a COVID world.  Specifically, how do you manage safety protocols and employee concerns when an employee allegedly tests positive   Review the short case study in advance and consider how your thinking, experiences and ideas might align with theirs.


The Panel

  • Daniel MacKay, HR Professional and Panel Moderator
  • Kira Wong, Vice President of HR at ZIM Integrated Shipping Services
  • Cathie Vick, Chief Public Affairs Officer at the Port of Virginia
  • Shari Epps, Human Resources Director, Colonna’s Shipyard



  • Business owner / leader with limited Human Resources staff
  • Human Resources Professionals


Master Video Today!

Does This Sound Familiar?

You see how video can turn strangers into customers, but you don’t know where to start with equipment, how to create a compelling message on camera, what to wear.


You’ve spent countless hours watching other people’s YouTube videos, and you’re really frustrated trying to make your home studio look better, connect with an audience, AND be good on camera.


You are creating videos, but it feels like you’re speaking to no one, and you’re not sure how to grow and engage your viewers.


Your job is now remote, and you must interact with clients and build relationships through video calls. Being on camera is not your main focus, and yet, being successful at it is critical right now.


Introducing the Master Video Today Membership Community

If you’re looking for guidance on how to show up on camera, what to say, and what you can do to reach the right audience with your videos, you are in the right place.


This is training, accountability, and support. You will learn simple video techniques you can lean on over and over again to build relationships and win clients using video.


Plus, our community will be there to support you and make sure you stay on track.


Inside Master Video Today, you will have access to content that will help you win clients with video. New content will be added on a regular basis.


Every quarter, we host the Video Bootcamp. The Video Bootcamp is an intense 4-week push designed to get you from zero to video FAST.


As long as you are member, you will have access to the trainings inside Master Video Today, as well as an invitation to join us for the Video Bootcamp. The Video Bootcamp is held LIVE four times a year – February, May, July, and November.


Who Can Realize the Benefits?

  • Coaches, consultants, and course creators who know video is something they want to master, but aren’t sure where to begin.


  • Small business owners who want to build engagement with their existing customers through video.


  • Speakers and authors who are used to speaking to crowds in person, but need some added training to create a compelling message on camera.


  • Experts in sales, marketing, management, or in professional services who want to become more comfortable using video and build relationships with clients online.


Visit us today at: and see how our program matches your needs!


Virginia Offshore Wind Jobs


Webinar #1: Introduction to Virginia offshore wind development, lay on the land
Date: Thurs., May 21, 3-4:30 pm

Click here for video recording of this webinar


Webinar #2: Pre-assembly and installation jobs
Date: Wed., May 27, 3-4:30 pm

Click here for video recording of this webinar


Webinar #3: Training and educational opportunities supporting offshore wind in Virginia
Date: Tues., June 2, 3-4:30 pm

Click here for video recording of this webinar



HRIC Launches Corporate Pillars Program with Collaborating Regional Organizations

April 2019

The Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative (HRIC) has launched Corporate Pillars, a program designed to emulate some of the conditions that contributed to the success of Silicon Valley tech firms.

Dan Bell, president of HRIC stated “The goals of the Corporate Pillar program are twofold: to provide an environment where large regional organization’s IT leaders can become aware of smaller/growth technology firms within the region, and also to provide feedback on their product, services, strategies and more, contributing toward their growth.”

The approach taken by HRIC was to solicit involvement from senior IT personnel in large business, government and academia.  To date, the following organizations have opted to participate: Cox, PRA, City of Virginia Beach, City of Chesapeake, Clark Nexsen, Huntington Ingalls Inc. Technical Solutions Division, Newport News Shipbuilding, ODU Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Port of Virginia, Sentara, Tech Center Research Park and Towne Bank.

Beginning with the first meeting in April of 2019 and continuing every 90 days, HRIC organizes a 3-hour Corporate Pillars meeting, inviting 6 growth firms in to present for 20 minutes each (with Q&A) on their business.  These are private sessions, closed to the public and invitation only from HRIC.  Meeting locations are intended to take place on both the southside and peninsula.

Read More at: Corporate Pillars PR

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