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The Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative to Host Regional CIO Roundtable

CIO Roundtable – HRIC Press Release v.3

Traditional Information Technology is a form of innovation which contributes to regional company strength and job development.

The CIO Roundtable is made up of technologists including CIOs, CTOs and other senior technology leaders coming from all segments of the Hampton Roads economy including Private Sector, Governments and non-Profits.  Collectively, these information technology leaders represent significant industry expertise and experience which is applicable to the advancement of this industry segment.

Seeking to assist the CIO Roundtable in advancing its mission, the Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative (the former HR Technology Council, a 501c6), will act as an organizational host by providing project management, logistical support, meeting coordination services, membership collaboration and reporting.  Outcomes are intended to include improved understanding of region-wide technology related needs and opportunities.

The working relationship between the two separate entities is in place only to forward common interests in technology, innovation and business improvements in the region while maintaining organizational independence

Mick Vollmer, ‎Vice President, Cyber Security and Risk Governance stated: “The CIO Roundtable is very pleased to reconnect with the Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative.  We have a common set of interests in technology innovation which we can capitalize on very effectively via this relationship.”

Dan Bell, President of HRIC added: “HRIC offers itself as a bonding agent and execution platform for the CIO Roundtable.  Together I believe we can help to enhance the information technology business environment in Hampton Roads.”

The first series of activities scheduled for this new collaboration in 2017 are:

1) Launching a Regional Cyber Accelerator activity.

2) Working with Education to enhance workforce development.

3) Conduct IT Needs Assessment surveys toward strategic initiative planning.

Inaugural Women’s Forum of Coastal Virginia to focus on Women’s Business Challenges

Norfolk, Va.—If you want to learn more about the unique challenges that women face in business and what they are doing to overcome them, then mark your calendar for 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 8, for the inaugural Women’s Forum of Coastal Virginia at ODU Innovation Research Park Building 2, 4211 Monarch Way, in Norfolk.

Angela Reddix, Founder and CEO of Norfolk-based ARDX, a multi-million-dollar management and technology consulting company, will be a featured guest panelist. Reddix, who is a mother of three, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. as well as launching a nationwide nonprofit.
The Women’s Forum of Coastal Virginia is being presented by The Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative (HRIC), in cooperation with Cetan Corp, Cheryl Tan Media, and Old Dominion University’s Women’s Business Center. The organizations wanted to introduce the concept of a recurring series of events specifically for women in business. The event on December 8 is the first.

“Challenges women face in business have been well documented and discussed,” said Dan Bell, president of HRIC. “Work/Life Balance, Health Issues, Discrimination and Pay, Leadership and the Glass Ceiling, harassment and more. The Women’s Forum of Coastal Virginia is a program created by woman members of HRIC, for regional women in the workplace.”

Cheryl Tan, Cheryl Tan Media, added: “These issues are real around the world, nationally and regionally, right here in Hampton Roads. Our concept is by creating a network, support group and experiential learning environment we can help move the needle in the correct and positive direction.”

Erika Small-Sisco, Manager, Women’s Business Center, commented; “The Woman’s Forum of Coastal Virginia is a part of the HRIC Critical Mass series of experiential learning and networking events. The forum is designed to help women in business to succeed and provide a place to share, learn and network.”

Topics to be covered during the Forum through panel sessions and interactive discussions include creating a culture of equality, achieving work/home balance, and shattering the glass ceiling.

Interested individuals can register for the Forum for just $25 ($5 discount for students), which includes lunch, at


Global Shapers Norfolk Releases #WeAre757Millennials Report

This is your world. Shape it, or someone else will.
-Gary Lew

Global Shapers Norfolk is excited to share findings and key insights from our first local impact project, the #WeAre757Millennials campaign. In addition to sharing millennials’ diverse perspectives, the social media campaign and this report also contribute actionable ideas to decision makers on issues of importance to young adults ages 18 to 34.

“The insights shared in our report provide a starting point for understanding the nuanced mindset of millennials in Hampton Roads. We encourage policymakers to harness these insights to build real, lasting engagement with the young adult community,” said Global Shapers Norfolk Hub Project Lead Aazia Mickens-Dessaso.

Central to the campaign, more than two dozen young leaders across the 757 took over Global Shapers Norfolk’s Instagram account for one day to share their insights on the future of our region. The Final Report shares their key insights, including on economic development, regionalism, transportation, sustainability, investing in the Arts & Culture, and what millennials love about the 757.

Our hopes for this report: to encourage millennial engagement on issues important to them, and deeper relationships between the young adult community and local decision makers.

Help us realize these hopes: download the report, start a conversation, and take action!

– The Global Shapers Norfolk Team

Download the report:
#WeAre757Millennials Final Report (1)

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