bExt LLC Business Concept

Seeking developer work in exchange for ownership %

Browser extension-based service providing alternative and complementing product offers combined with attention grabbing content ‘banners’ at the time of check-out with the market segment’s lead ‘goto’

Core Functionality
Browser extension, database development, integration to A) monitor selection/cart pages and ‘scrape’ selected product specific information, B) find and present relevant attention-grabbing ‘banners’ (facts, stats, images, reviews, etc) AND either competing and/or complimentary products and, C) redirect to those transactional sites for purchase and collecting affiliate commissions, and D) offers downstream (post core purchase) offers.

Think Honey monitoring and presentation, but with attention grabbing banner content combined with alternative/complimenting offers rather than coupon codes.

Contemplated Future Functionality
Transaction processing. Downstream follow up offers. Review collection. Monetize aggregate purchase behavior data. Offer optimization.

1) Focus on significant but niche markets with content customization.
2) The combination of content and offers.
3) Partner with independent, industry cross site publications and service organizations for browser extension distribution – and content.
      a. White label potential.
4) Maintain downstream post core purchase content and offers.

Market Pro Forma
Initial target market – Market sized at $6B+ annually (pre COVID-19). Conceptually already sold to a leading distribution partner in this market.

Incremental Target Markets – Limited only by available content and alternative/complimenting offers.

Business Plan Steps
1) Develop basic functional demo
2) Sign distribution test partner(s)
3) Progress from Demo to Operating Functionality
4) Proof of concept
5) Scale

Developer to create browser extension (demo first) in exchange for significant ownership share and
potential senior management position of bExt LLC.

+1 804 433 6896

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