HRIC Partners with the Governor’s School for Science and Technology

HRIC has focused on two primary focus areas for its efforts to enhance regional technology presence;

1) Foundation for Innovation, a program to help guide technology firms through the region’s ecosystem elements, ensuring that tech firms are aware of resources, then improve their ability to access those resources.

2) Creating a true community of technology minded people and organizations to advance our region economically.  Toward that, HRIC will create a series of events throughout the year, helping technologists and tech companies advance.  The culminating event will be it’s annual Tech Expo/Tech Night Awards Banquet with partner ODU’s Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Dan Bell, president of HRIC states: “Every region that focuses on technology and innovation needs a tech council to help connect the dots. HRIC’s efforts are intended to maximize efforts and attract interest in Hampton Roads as a technology zone. Foundation for Innovation is a bonding program helping lift the efforts of participating companies and our Tech Day/Tech Night with Awards is a celebration of the region’s activity and success. There’s been a great deal of talk about ecosystems, but it’s time to create a functioning model that tech firms can leverage to help them grow.”

Another member organization joining the productive ecosystem effort is the Governor’s School of Science and Technology.

Expanding its vision and embarking on a bold new mission, the Governor’s School for Science and Technology is in transformation to a new Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship-based education model.

The Governor’s School has embodied this concept and has prepared to assume an innovative new role serving start-up, emerging, and established companies and organizations in Hampton Roads.  By creating innovative collaborative partnerships, employing faculty mentors with broad research and engineering experience, and utilizing state-of-the-art scientific research and engineering lab facilities, the Governor’s School can provide to HRIC members and others in-house or out-sourced R&D and engineering project fulfilment.

For more information, visit our website:

The Governor’s School for Science and Technology

520 Butler Farm Road, Hampton, VA  23666

Ms. Vikki L. Wismer, Director

 (757)-766-1100 x3313

For the complete article and details, click: HRIC Ecosystem GSST 9-11-18

HRIC and New Horizons Governor’s School for Science and Technology collaborate to create Tech Ramp Engineering Competition!

HR TECH RAMP is an engineering contest for regional high school students who will identify a business problem to be solved by a fabricated device, and through CAD, Mod Sim and hardware prototyping, demonstrate the solution. Business problems can be from any industry sector: ship building, drones (air, land, sea), logistics, maritime, tourism, any hardware- or materials- based business.

TECH RAMP’s goal is to grow a regional engineering talent pool, while creating relationships between High School, College and Business.

Click Link to Read about the Design Challenges: Tech Ramp Challenges and Criteria

Click to Read about the Student Projects at: 2019 Tech Ramp Project Descriptions

Click Link to Read about the Event Report: HR Tech Ramp Final Report


The 202o Tech Ramp is ON!  Read all about it at:

HRIC has launched its Foundation for Innovation program.

This new program is intended to create a hands-on approach to evolving our region as a technology corridor.  What’s new about it?  We’re collaborating, connecting, guiding and measuring results.  Something that’s not been executed in our region before.  Read all about it at: here


HRIC’s Concept to Commercial series has a new series of promotional and explanatory videos found : here.


Millennials, please take a look at our affiliation with Global Shapers Norfolk at join their team to make a difference.


Check our Events page for calendar events which may be interesting to you.


HRIC website has a New Items area for quick access to new information about our members, our activity, our region and more.

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