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Primary Care (DPC) is a foreign concept here in Hampton Roads and I understand why you wonder why I would market to business. Would you mind if I take just a second to explain? It could save a company enough money to keep their business(technology or otherwise) afloat and provide much needed money and Health Care to their families. Health Care is a company’s 2nd biggest expense. Health Care unfortunately is intertwined with business. With the right plan (and I can introduce people to viable alternatives) we can save a business 20-40% on Health Care spending while providing almost concierge care. If you still don’t think that applies to this site feel free to stop here and no hard feelings. If you think that this information could help business owners I will put more information below and you can read it there.


I agree that Health Care should not be a part of the business decision making process. You and I both know that it can make or break a company or family’s finances. Here’s how DPC works: 

1) Do you stream TV (like Netflix, Hulu or Apple TV) rather than pay for Cable TV?

2) Do you have a Costco or Sam’s Club Membership?


If so then you understand the value of Direct Primary Care and how it basically works. I still recommend a catastrophic plan for emergencies but they are much less expensive than the Cable type plans. Since I get people their Health Care on the free market I save them a lot of money on their deductible.  If you have a Deductible you are functionally uninsured and are a CASH payer. Direct Primary Care was started by Physicians to take care of people and provide Quality Health Care at prices they could afford. Let me know if I can help you or someone you care about.


I left Corporate Medicine and started Lighthouse DPC because I believed a 15 minute visit was not enough time to take care of someone. We went to medical school to help people. Lighthouse DPC lets me help people again. I can also save a people money they need for their loved ones. If you like how Costco works then you will understand how Lighthouse DPC works. I got someone a $900 medication for $90. I got a $390 tube of cream for $40. Many generics are less than $4/month. $110 worth of labs costs $13.50 at Lighthouse DPC. I give my patients same or next day 30-60 minute relaxed visits and unlimited visits without a copay. I have discounted labs, medications, non-emergent imaging. Minor skin procedures performed at cost of materials and biopsy ($45). Let me help you or someone you love. Call 757-586-3050 or see my website at

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