Remote Work with DOMA Technologies

Webinar  may 12, 2020 12-1p

Join Us & Increase Your Remote Work Productivity!

Many of us are adjusting to working remotely either for the first time or for an extended period of time. How can your business stay productive and efficient in this new environment when the majority of your operations are remote?

Through our discussion, learn about tools and resources for better data and document management to increase remote collaboration and develop effective business practices.

Webinar date: May 12, 2020

Webinar time: 12PM – 1PM

We’ll cover three services that can help keep you up and running.

  • Document Conversion
  • Workflow Automation Software
  • AWS Cloud Services and Workspaces


Host: PJ Yates | Director of Marketing


  • Ian Checcio | VP of Sales
  • Archie Horton | Director of Cloud Services
  • Josh Borum | Director of Digital Services

 Recorded webinar link:

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