Session 24: The Launch of HR BIZWHEEL “Powered by StartWheel”

Date: Monday, November 28, 2023

Led by Tim Ryan (StartWheel) & Dan Bell (HRIC), with a Website Overview by Alan Hagerman (HRIC Board)

HRIC and StartWheel have collaborated to launch HR BIZWHEEL, a series of programs and expanded web-based web portal services (powered by StartWheel).

As this effort evolves, we will have an increasing number of regional companies listed, enhancing the view of who we are as a business regional ecosystem, even marketing and promotion of our businesses.  More coming, but the journey has begun.

Dan Bell, Chairman of HRIC, stated: “These new systems and programs are nearing completion to provide better visibility of our regional business footprint. This will lead to the opportunities we have all been waiting for: business partnerships, funding opportunities, and national attention.”

Tim Ryan, Executive Director of StartWheel, said: “Our region has all the right pieces in place to be a dynamic and thriving ecosystem. Together, we can emphasize our innovation and businesses in all forms of entrepreneurship needed to make our region the best place to start and grow a business.”


Watch the video at:

Watch the guided tour video and Fervent Four epside inside:

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