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The Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative (HRIC), was originally known as the Hampton Roads Technology Council (HRTC), one of ten technology councils in the commonwealth of Virginia.


HRTC was formed in the late 1990s as a 501(c)6 non-profit solely focused on advancing the technology businesses in the Hampton Roads region.


In its early days, HRTC was focused on start-up incubators, an important component of business ecosystems, but eventually realized that incubators were inadequate as a sole driver of the regional tech sector.


In 2016, HRTC rebranded to HRIC and is approaching its new mission of creating programs, events, and visibility for area technology companies.


These activities are intended to assist development and growth of the technology sector and contribute to a diversified regional economy.

Since re-establishing itself in 2016, HRIC has focused on the following primary activities:

  • 1. Creating a network for area technology companies to leverage.
  • 2. Hosting quarterly events for face to face meetings.
  • 3. Sponsoring an annual Tech Expo with Regional Tech Awards.
  • 4. Creating value-added programming to assist tech companies in growing.
  • 5. Offering member companies the opportunity to showcase and market their products and services to a dedicated distribution of tech companies.

The HRIC logo represents:

A light bulb representing ideas.

The filament of an upward trending graph for economic development.

Two people working together (collaboration).

If you see an owl, that’s the wisdom of the idea.

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HRIC is establishing a new vision and brand to help develop the region’s entrepreneurial and innovation efforts.

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