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HRIC Individual Membership is only $100/year!  Corporate Memberships are also available for several people from a company.  For that $100, you get all the following:


  • Quarterly Networking Events Our Critical Mass events are held no less that quarterly with parallel events on the southside as well as on the peninsula (8 events per year). These are a great opportunity to meet new people in the tech business world, share experiences and even get some business. For paid members, please enjoy a free beverage on HRIC.


  • Annual Tech Business Event In the fall, HRIC and ODU co-host our Tech Expo. Tech Expo is a great opportunity to receive value-add content from speakers, review sponsoring vendor activity on display, enjoy tech business recognition awards and network with approximately 200 people in our regional technology space.  FREE ADMISSION FOR PAID HRIC MEMBERS!  Non-members $40/head.


  • Inside track, early release, opportunity to help design HRIC Programs development to support your business.


  • HRIC Member Business Promotion:
    • Social Media Exposure HRIC’s LinkedIn presence https://www.linkedin.com/groups/93955/ has over 2,400 members (and growing). By posting your activity there, you get great visibility for your activity. We mirror content in our Facebook page as well https://www.facebook.com/groups/2915911447
    • Email Campaigning We also utilize Vertical Response to send email distributions to a proprietary HRIC database of hundreds of technology firms.
    • Member Showcase HRIC’s website allows you to post your logo and tell your business story.


See our full VALUE-ADD at: https://technologyhamptonroads.com/wp-content/uploads/HRIC-Value-Add-1.pdf


  • Help to build the tech business and innovation ecosystem in Hampton Roads.
  • Act as an association for tech innovation companies.
  • Deliver experiential learning opportunities.
  • Enable mentorship connections.
  • Make connections for higher levels of business success and regional effectiveness.
  • Provide an execution layer for related regional activity.

Our Sponsors

  • Networking Technologies + Support
  • Pwhd
  • Cetan Corp
  • Concursice
  • Arraydigital
  • Cox
  • Towne Bank
  • Wr Systems
  • Marathon
  • Clarknexsen
  • Rise
  • Odu
  • Zz Servers
  • Maxx Potential
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  • Swift Kick
  • Oncall
  • Pra Group
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  • Center for Innovation Technology


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