Our Mission


  • New economic pillars to our regional economy via innovation creation and exportation.
  • Business opportunities for local workforce to offset Brain Drain.
  • Regional collaboration and connectivity (connecting the dots) on regional impact points (Innovation Development, Climate Change and more).


Technology Hampton Roads (THR) is a 501c6 established in the 90s to advance the mission of technology business advancement in the region.

THR realizes this importance and the need to change to adapt to the needs of our region in 2015
and beyond; Innovation is now defined beyond the historic digital perspective alone. Innovation business is one that has the ability to market products, services and IP nationally and internationally.

THR has determined that a new brand, mission and leadership is required to best support innovation based regional activities. Toward addressing these factors, THR is transitioning to the Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative (HRIC).


  • To provide a connective environment for regional innovation and development
  • To offer an inclusive environment for Companies, Arts and Nonprofits and Alliances.
  • To assist in continuous learning, growth and economic strengthening.


  • Be a connective tissue of innovation, while identifying and filling gaps in the regional ecosystem efforts.
  • Establish a regional, neutral and non-biased execution layer to the entrepreneur and innovation ecosystem efforts in the region.
  • Augment and complement existing efforts, without reinventing wheels.


  • Solicit and engage regional organizations who see the benefits of innovation growth to capitalize on opportunities to favorably impact their business.
  • Optimize business incubation and acceleration efforts region wide (both fixed the virtual approaches).
  • Identify appropriate emerging innovation efforts and organizations.
  • Create a regional business mentorship and experience sharing model for qualifying innovation companies.
  • Connect qualifying innovation companies with available funding sources and other growth mechanisms.
  • Seek strategic alliances with established organizations interested in advancing regional innovation export.
  • Execute programs and tools necessary to advance the mission and goals

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