Corporate Pillars is a program designed to emulate some of the conditions that contributed to success of Silicon Valley.

Essentially, we want to provide an environment where the large organizations become aware of the smaller/growth organizations within the region.

The goals of the program:

  • 1. Exposure and Awareness.
  • 2. To provide solicited feedback from Pillar organizations to assist the small/growth firm development.
  • 3. Generation of interest for lead generation and referrals within circles of influence.

Corporate Pillars is a non-solicitation environment, establishing a comfort zone for the larger organizations to observe and comment freely without pressure.

  • 1. Each quarter, we’ll conduct a 3-hour session.
  • 2. Each 3-hour session will allow 6 companies, 20 minutes each for presentation and Q&A.
  • 3. Any on-going discussion and/relationship development will be at the discretion of the participating organizations.
Development and improvement of the program will be based on experiential learning and feedback of the participants. All information discussed and shared by companies should be consider proprietary and confidential.

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