About NovaVis

About NovaVis
We’re mapping and connecting the supply chain that supports the emerging Offshore Alternative Renewable Energy industry in the US. Who should care and participate?

Businesses Seeking Growth
If you’re involved in any way in the existing maritime or energy sectors, offshore alternative renewable energy is a huge opportunity. We get you knowledgeable, connected and in front of the people driving the industry. In effect we become part of your business development team.

Prime and Sub-Contractors
If you’re up the food chain and need to buy quality goods and services, the risk of bad information and poor transparency is crucial in terms of being on time, to spec and in budget. In effect we become part of your program and risk management efforts.

If you’re a city, town, county, region or state along the coast of the U.S., you need the information to determine how to grow jobs. In effect we become part of your economic development team.

Proceed to NovaVis Proceed to Collaboration (Registered Users Only)

To Request Registration for Collaboration Site, send mail to with name, all contact information, role related to sea level rise and your reason to want to be part of the collaboration efforts

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