Tech Tuesdays Session 5: State of Cyber Security

Session 5: The State of Cyber Security

March 9, 2021, 12-1pm EST

Led by Tracy Gregorio – CEO G2 Ops, Inc., and Dr. Bartosz Wojszczyk- President & CEO Decision Point Global,

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Cyber-attacks are rapidly growing in intensity, frequency, and sophistication, resulting in exponential growth in cyber risk exposure to all stakeholders.  Whether yours is a multinational corporation, a mid-size regional company, or a fast-growing local business, you and your organization face a complex and evolving array of risks.


As proven by the recent SolarWinds incident, industry lacks the capabilities to effectively address the risk of catastrophic nation-stake cyber-attacks, with the human factor being the greatest weakness in our systems. 


Though lots of money is being spent for cyber protection, the surprise attacks continue, often causing a sense of hopelessness.  Attend this session to learn about the most current cyber security activity in the industry.


View the presentation at: State of Cyber

Tech Tuesdays Session 4: VA Offshore Wind Project

Tech Tuesdays are a series of 1-hour max Zoom sessions live, with chat Q&A. To see the month-by-month lineup, visit:  The next event coming up will be:


Session 4: Virginia Offshore Wind Project

February 9, 2021, 12-1pm EST

Led by George Hagerman, senior project scientist at ODU’s Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography and Lloyd Eley, manager of site construction, Dominion Energy.

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Virginia’s offshore wind energy initiative, supported by Old Dominion University’s research and coordination, came to life in October with the launch of operations of two pilot turbines in the Atlantic Ocean.

These two 6-MW pilot turbines will be used as a testbed to demonstrate innovative technologies and design methods that will reduce the cost of energy from Dominion Energy’s 2.6 GW commercial project, which will consist of more than 185 14-MW turbines, due to be fully operational by year-end 2026.


“I’m proud that Old Dominion is harnessing its talents to contribute to what promises to be a crucial milestone in energy innovation,” ODU President John R. Broderick said, “and I’m excited we are now able to show off the first phase of what we hope will be the largest wind farm in the country.”

Watch this outstanding video to understand some of the huge advantages Virginia has in offshore wind:

Virtual Tech Talk: Small Satellites






Brought to you by Tech Center Research Park in Newport News, VA, Virtual Tech Talk is a series that will focus on connecting innovators to investors, technology, and business growth resources in a collaborative environment.


The January 27, 2021 Virtual Tech Talk focused on Small Satellites: Protecting Components. Enabling Communication.


We have included the downloadable link of today’s presentation here for your viewing pleasure.          


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!



700 Tech Center Parkway Suite 305

Newport News, VA 23606


Northwest Regional Ocean Council Webinar Series

The Northeast Regional Ocean Council, in partnership with the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean, invites you to participate in a Friday morning webinar series to increase understanding and promote dialogue about offshore wind transmission planning in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic U.S.


Registration for these webinars is now open.


View the full Offshore Wind Transmission Series Program.

There has been increased focus in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic on the importance of critical transmission infrastructure considerations when planning for the potential development of the offshore wind industry. Transmission is regulated and managed onshore and offshore by multiple state and federal agencies, as well as regional entities. This webinar series will provide NROC and MARCO members, partners, and others with an understanding of the current framework for transmission planning on land, and issues that are emerging as planning extends offshore.


WEBINAR 1 | January 29, 2021 | 10:00 – 11:30 AM
Bringing Offshore Transmission to Shore: How It’s Done and Stakeholder Considerations

Objective: To provide an understanding of the physical features of marine cable installation, environmental and marine use considerations, industry best practices for mitigating risk, and perspectives on offshore transmission planning on the east coast.


WEBINAR 2 | February 5, 2021 | 10:00 – 11:30 AM
The Role of Offshore Wind in Meeting State Decarbonization Goals and Why Transmission Matters

Objective: To discuss recent analysis by The Brattle Group about the anticipated scale of offshore wind development needed meet state public policy goals, and consider a systems approach to offshore wind transmission planning.


WEBINAR 3 | February 12, 2021 | 10:00 – 11:30 AM
How the Grid Works 101 and Offshore Wind Considerations

Objective: To provide participants with an understanding of the regulatory, operational, management and market characteristics of electricity transmission from offshore wind.


Download Offshore Wind Transmission Webinar Series one-pager

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