Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program (CSIIP) Internship

This Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program (CSIIP) opportunity is through two awards received through the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative. One is strictly for Coastal Virginia and one is for all four regions of Virginia called Nodes.


This is for a subsidized internship for small-medium sized companies within the Coastal Virginia area which includes Hampton Roads and Eastern Shore. We are the venue for internships for all of Coastal Virginia’s CCI area where we can provide a 25% internship subsidy to help defray the costs up to a maximum of $2500 for Virginia-based small-medium businesses as defined by the Small Business Administration.


The project must be cybersecurity related and the students must be from public Virginia universities, colleges, and community colleges pursuing a cybersecurity or cybersecurity related major. These subsidies are provided on a first come-first serve basis.


We have about 16 for the Coastal Virginia Node on a first come, first serve basis. The website is Questions: Debbie Murray –, 757-880-6591; Scott Bellows –, 757-876-4413.


Interactive PDF with links to all information, video, and registration at:

HR Huddle Series 1


The HR Huddle Series discusses the challenges of managing the impact of COVID-19 for a small-to-medium sized business, particularly as employees begin to return to the office.


Session 1 of the Series

Join a panel of experts on Wednesday, August 26th from 2-3pm to learn about various COVID-19 challenges and solutions based on a case study from around the region.


Program Hosts

  • Dan Bell, Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative
  • Dave Richards, Concursive Corporation


Format: Live Case Study

Listen as experts discuss how a fictional global ocean freight carrier company might navigate the challenges and issues posed by operating in a COVID world.  Specifically, how do you manage safety protocols and employee concerns when an employee allegedly tests positive   Review the short case study in advance and consider how your thinking, experiences and ideas might align with theirs.


The Panel

  • Daniel MacKay, HR Professional and Panel Moderator
  • Kira Wong, Vice President of HR at ZIM Integrated Shipping Services
  • Cathie Vick, Chief Public Affairs Officer at the Port of Virginia
  • Shari Epps, Human Resources Director, Colonna’s Shipyard



  • Business owner / leader with limited Human Resources staff
  • Human Resources Professionals


View and download the presentation: HR Huddle Session 1 Presentation


View the 1 hour video: HR Huddle Session 1 Video

Decision Time of Chesapeake


Decision Time of Chesapeake, Virginia  recently received a “Master” patent for a next-generation  Artificial Intelligence platform with the potential to generate an additional 500-1,000 patents.  This Adaptive Semantic Inference Mediation Platform (“ASIM”) design implements a multi-disciplinary decision support system with a more “human-like” cognitive and inferential capability to analysts and managers at all levels of expertise and within many types of analytic environments.


Link to full presentation:


Dennis Ackerman


Decision Time, LLC

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