ABS Group Qffers “Bringing Workers Back Safely: A Risk Modeling Approach for COVID-19” Webinar

Many business leaders are struggling to answer questions about reopening once government officials begin to lift restrictions.  In talking with our customers, we’re hearing questions like,

  • What sites should I re-open?
  • What non-essential operations should I allow?
  • How should I restart them in a gradual, phased approach?
  • What work & common use areas should remain closed or have limited access?
  • What special considerations should I make for at-risk employees?
  • What 3rd parties should I allow on my sites?
  • What new controls do I need to put in place?


The ABS Group, a risk management company, launched the Restart Risk ModelTM to help business leaders answer these questions and develop restart plans.  I thought you might be interested in the attached Infographic of our model. 

We also hosted a webinar yesterday, which can be watched on demand at link to the webinar.

We’ve already helped business and non-profits develop restart plans and I’d be happy to give a virtual introduction into the model to you and others that may be interested.

See our COVID-19 Restart Risk Model: https://www.abs-group.com/News-and-Events/Press-Releases/New-Restart-Risk-Model-Helps-Businesses-Get-Back-to-Work-After-COVID19/


David Stalfort
Senior Director
ABS Group
739 Thimble Shoals Blvd, Suite 504
Newport News, VA 23606
571-721-8829 (direct)
703-351-3700 (main)

Remote Work with DOMA Technologies

Webinar  may 12, 2020 12-1p

Join Us & Increase Your Remote Work Productivity!

Many of us are adjusting to working remotely either for the first time or for an extended period of time. How can your business stay productive and efficient in this new environment when the majority of your operations are remote?

Through our discussion, learn about tools and resources for better data and document management to increase remote collaboration and develop effective business practices.

Webinar date: May 12, 2020

Webinar time: 12PM – 1PM

We’ll cover three services that can help keep you up and running.

  • Document Conversion
  • Workflow Automation Software
  • AWS Cloud Services and Workspaces


Host: PJ Yates | Director of Marketing


  • Ian Checcio | VP of Sales
  • Archie Horton | Director of Cloud Services
  • Josh Borum | Director of Digital Services

 Recorded webinar link: https://www.domaonline.com/remote-work-digital-solutions/

Webinars from the Richmond Tech Council

the tech-it-yourself webinar series brings subject-matter-experts with deep technical knowledge right to you – whether you’re in the office or at home. these sessions aim to put usable technical perspective and insight into your hands quickly so you can immediately enhance your practice – whether that’s as a business owner, team leader, or project practitioner.

VA Tech Council Execs – YouTube

rvatech tech-it-yourself webinar series website

SwapMash – smart cloud book reader +

Hi, I’m Tal Krawetzky and I’ve created a unique new technology platform I call SwapMash.

SwapMash is a smart cloud reader, where you can not only read eBooks but also analyze your reading habits, discuss the plot with other people and even sell eBooks further by affiliation (e.g., to your vlog subscribers or Facebook friends). This is a new idea and program that doesn’t currently exist elsewhere.

I’ve founded and built the beta version while being in Munich, Germany, but the firm will be headquartered in the USA as soon as possible in order to be close our main market. To learn about SwapMash and how we could potentially create a mutually beneficial business relationship, simply click here:

There’s a 15 min long presentation where you can get an idea about the SwapMash product, me as a founder, the market, the competition and the ask.

I hope you find my SwapMash technology compelling and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards, Tal,


Video tutorials:

Aronetics – Cyber Security

Aronetics is developing a solution to solve the problem of all-too-frequent data breaches caused by adversaries that often go unnoticed for years.

Aronetics has a patent-pending process that will provide near real-time intrusion detection and notification keeping you 99%+ secure, autonomously.

Aronetics recognizes that the problem is the human element. A sole cause of these unnoticed breaches is that current solutions are reliant on human judgment and attention to detail, often which is fallible. Humans cannot quickly recognize or prevent an intrusion in the way that a computational device can. Further, what is needed is a system that can act autonomously without the human element.


With our solution in place, your team can focus on important business operations with the peace of mind knowing that if an intrusion were to occur, you’d be notified by your Aronetics security system within 60 seconds.


There is a significant opportunity if Aronetics is able to provide this security solution. The IT security market was valued over $6B according to a Pentagon presentation at a Dreamport conference, March 5, 2020. Zero Trust and 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) have been the purported solutions over the last two decades, but even with these tools, recognition of intrusions are found months or years later which is inadequate for business purposes. Even FBI Director James Comey noted that the OPM Data Breach jeopardized our national security for more than a generation. Aronetics is eager to provide a solution to this extensive issue.


Take a look at our short deck.


Learn more about and connect with us!


Click to call or email me directly and we can discuss how Aronetics can help you.


John Aron


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