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Hi, I’m Tal Krawetzky and I’ve created a unique new technology platform I call SwapMash.

SwapMash is a smart cloud reader, where you can not only read eBooks but also analyze your reading habits, discuss the plot with other people and even sell eBooks further by affiliation (e.g., to your vlog subscribers or Facebook friends). This is a new idea and program that doesn’t currently exist elsewhere.

I’ve founded and built the beta version while being in Munich, Germany, but the firm will be headquartered in the USA as soon as possible in order to be close our main market. To learn about SwapMash and how we could potentially create a mutually beneficial business relationship, simply click here:

There’s a 15 min long presentation where you can get an idea about the SwapMash product, me as a founder, the market, the competition and the ask.

I hope you find my SwapMash technology compelling and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards, Tal,


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